Frostbitten Pain

I’ve always held the firm belief that if the ambient temperature is suitable for storing most types of dairy, it’s not the kind of weather you should race in. Edmonton had me going against my ingrained beliefs like a One Nation voter enjoying some Vietnamese cuisine. It was cold. Bloody cold. Having exited France for the last time in the final, drawn-out throes of a broiling summer, it was a rude shock. Alberta dealt us gloomy skies and a cruel wind that ripped through you like a dagger, chewed up every ounce of warmth deep inside, and then spat it out in your face and made you eat the icy remnants of what was once your soul, while it watched with disdain, taking a contemptuous drag on an icy cigarette. It was quite a wind. Anyhow, my tactic of whinging every time we stepped outside did little to alter meteorological outcomes, so I was forced shut up and get on with it.



Truth be told, the water in the race wasn’t too bad, I did a dry land warm-up, so hadn’t gotten too cold before the start, and as with any WTS race, the pace was that frenetic during the swim I had little time for the cold to concern me. I was out pretty clean to the first buoy, and sat pretty well for most of the swim to come out in 9th, and with a good transition was in the main group, just behind Brownlee, Varga and Royle who dangled off the front for most of the ride. The ride was pretty uneventful, the wide roads and lack of turns made it one of the easier WTS races in recent years, and we ticked off the kilometres pretty quickly. However, the aforementioned cruel wind was still blowing, I was definitely starting to feel the cold. Unfortunately, it took its toll by the end of the bike, and despite jumping off in 3rd, I lost about 10-15 seconds in T2, with my fingers about as dexterous as an oven mitt, I couldn’t get my shoes on for love nor money. Once out on the course, I was quite pleased with my run, and moved through the field for 21st place, and clearly my best run of the year. The race was tighter than Warwick Capper’s shorts, and my slow T2 ended up costing me a lot, as you can see by the picture below – I’m the failing figure in the background while Pierre is crossing in 12th. However, the rest of the race was good, so was pretty happy with that!

From here, we move to a warmer abode, I’m on a plane to Mexico as I type, and will spend the next 2 weeks in Cozumel leading up to the Grand Final. My form has been continually improving all season with more and more running under my belt, so hopefully can finish with a bang at the Grand Final!

Take care friends,



Pictures: Trimes