Birth: 3/6/85

Height: 17.5 hands

Mass: 647 Newtons

Racing: 70.3, ex-ITU

Sponsors: Maverick Multisport, Blue Competition Cycles, Rolf Prima, Jaybird, Rotor, Infinite, Blue Seventy, 2XU, Bolle, Altra, Ceramic Speed, RP Sports, Cobb Cycling, Swiftwick, Shimano, Parktool, Vittoria, Polar, Bike Flights

Affiliations: Australian Institute of Sport, Queensland Academy of Sport, Team Mulhouse, Team Witten

Interests: Metal (musical variety), Wood (Fashioned to accommodate a guitars attempted replication of the aforementioned fixation), Plant (The final processed product of the coffee bean; ground, filtered and consumed unsullied by any milk-based additives)

Alternate Careers: PhD in Clincal Psychology (In progress), Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours Psychology), Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies), Dynamic Coffee Roaster, Fledgling Beer Brewer, Unqualified Barista, Hack Musician, Banned Singer